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How does an insurance company decide whether or not to write-off your car.

Is my car a write off

There are many reasons that we tend to dislike insurance companies, and when they tell you that your beloved motor is a write-off – the car that you learned to drive in, had your first fumble in, moved house with etc. etc. is not worth a bean.


If you look at it from their point of view it is purely a financial decision.  They don’t really want to pay you anything, so why would they give you £3500 to repair a car that would fetch £275 on Ebay on a good day.

crushed car

There are ways to ease the pain, which we will be looking at in future articles, but for the time being don’t take it personally.  If it makes you feel better salvage a badge from the bonnet and wear it as a pendant 🙂

By: G Horder

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