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Should you attempt to fit a body kit that you’ve bought for your car?

Fitting a Car Body Kit

For many cars body styling kits are an optional extra – they can certainly make a vehicle stand out from the crowd.  Unfortunately manufacturers’ optional extras don’t usually come cheap.


There are plenty of companies out there offering a wide variety of body panel modifications, and you get some quite extravagant offerings.  Eventually, you make your choice, order it off the internet, then read the fitting instructions.  Instructions are no different now than they were in the 60s or 70s, with liberal usage of the word “simply”.


Be realistic about your ability for this type of work.  Get a quote from a reputable body shop such as C and R.  You might be pleasantly surprised and you will be sure of a cracking job.


The last thing you want is to turn a perfectly respectable car into something that looks like Godzilla has had a go at it with a sledgehammer.

By: G Horder

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