E Type Jaguar being restored to its former glory

Above: As gorgeous as it was when it left the Coventry factory in the 1960s

Below: Move that workshop wall, let's hit the open road!

Below: what lies beneath

Talk to us about the Technicalities of Car Body Repair

Every car repair is different. Some vehicles can be completely out of shape after a heavy impact and need to be rejigged. Others need panels to be beaten back to shape, though sometimes it's more sensible to replace panels entirely. If you're interested in what goes on behind the roller doors have a chat to us.

Below: Looking more like an Airfx kit than a car

An E Type renovation is hardly your everyday repair job, but the same principles apply when you bring your 'workhorse' car to C and R. We'll assess the work that needs to be done, the parts that have to be ordered, the materials that the job will take and how long is needed. Certain jobs are trickier than others, but overall the principles of car body repair are similar. We'll be covering particular topics in our blog.

There's more to Paint than meets the Eye

There are thousands upon thousands of different car paint colours. White isn't just white... there are hundreds of different whites all slightly different. Getting the match for some cars involves a computer system of drops of paint mixed in precise proportions.

Below: Not much white in evidence here yet.

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By: G Horder

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